The little Venice of the Saronic gulf

Pines, Peacefulness, Class…

Once upon a time, two islands – Sfairia and Kalauria – created together something like… the little Venice of the Saronic gulf: Poros island

Just a breath away from Athens, it invites you to explore it and love it, as much as Seferis and Henry Miller loved it

Πόρος: Η Μικρή Βενετία του Αργοσαρωνικού
...στα καλντεριμια του Πόρου
Seferis G.: “It has something of Venice : canals, communication by boats, opulence, laziness, sensual temptation, a place for international lovers…”

It stands stately, opposite Galata, like a puzzle piece that escaped from the Peloponnese.

What awaits you? Taverns, marinas and yachts, neoclassical buildings, a clock that counts the good times, pine trees till the sea, calm and carefree.

Crossing the narrow alleys of the amphitheater built settlement, Through flowery courtyards of fuchsia, red, orange bougainvillea and hibiscus, five minutes from the harbor, you will come across Nesea House.

Completely renovated, traditional two-story house, 85 sq.m., ideal to enjoy the idyllic view of the Peloponnesian coastline and the enchanting sunsets.



Nesea House